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Montessori is different because it works
and it works because it is different

Our preschool program utilizes specific Montessori materials and is based on the following core Montessori principles:​

Practical Life Activities

This area is considered to be the most important in Montessori philosophy and accounts for the execution of real life activities which include: care of the person and environment, exercises for social relationships, general courtesies, and refinement of movement.

​Sensorial Activities

This refers to the development of the five basic senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. We cover colors, shapes, scents, tastes, temperatures, textures, and weights as a starting point.

Language, Reading, and Writing Skills

The first step to reading and writing is sensorial. Children learn letters by tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers. They will also learn the phonetic sound of each letter. From here, they may advance to reading.

​Math Skills

Children learn to associate numbers with quantities. They become familiar with the sequence of numbers and counting, and from there they may progress to more advanced mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, fractions, etc.).

​Geography and Culture

Various lessons introduce children to different cultures and customs. They will also become familiar with the continents, maps, flags, and water and land formations, to name a few.


We cover animal and plant life, weather and seasons, the solar system and more.

Foreign Language

Basic Spanish is introduced. The children learn colors, numbers, songs and simple sentences.

​Music, Dance and Arts

We have daily singing and movement activities. Children learn to express their creativity through a multitude of different mediums.


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